"As a book editor, I encounter a wide range of authors, genres, and writing styles. Warren Selkow's book resonates like no other. The impact of Warren's presentation exceeds anything a medical professional could achieve in educating at-risk people about the immediate need for lifestyle changes. With its perceptive commentary from coauthor Donna Selkow, this book is a must-read for patients and caregivers. Physicians who treat patients with chronic disease, regardless of etiology, will benefit too. The Simplified Handbook for Living with Heart Disease may even be a lifesaver.

My sixty-five-year-old husband is an overweight type 2 diabetic and has heart disease. He got there with my help. Calories, schmalories. How about a steak with a loaded baked potato? Another beer? I'll join you! As a neuropathologist, he knows the intimate details of the ways in which chronic disease ravages a body. I imagine he sees himself in every sixty-something person who succumbs to the ailments that plague him. I know he does. He told me last night about a fifty-five-year-old colleague who died while taking his morning shower. I wondered about what the man's wife must be going through. And, after thirty-five years of marriage, we didn't have to say it aloud—it's time to make some changes. Big ones.

After editing The Simplified Handbook for Living with Heart Disease, I took steps toward improving our diet and exercise routine. I realize now they were baby steps. That's why I'll be first in line to buy a copy of Warren Selkow's book. I hope it’s available to give to my husband as a birthday present this fall."

Gail Chadwick, Editor

"I have found the book very interesting and I think everyone over forty years of age should read it. This book explains the pain before the heart attack, the pain while having the attack and your recovery from it all. When you are at home with the family, you all have concerns at that time, and the book explains how to appreciate these concerns for the betterment of all."

Paul Beck
Cardiac Patient

"Mr. Selkow has written a no-holds-barred, front-row account that every heart patient should read.
It is thought provoking, amusing, hard hitting and direct. I will give it to all my cardiac patients."

Dr. Edward Kowaleski, Internal Medicine
Medical Director, Banner Arizona Medical Clinic, Peoria, Arizona

"WOW! This fast reading handbook has invaluable facts and tips for the heart patient to be, the recovering patient, and the caregiver. It convinced this patient to follow prescribed diet and medicines."

Jim Sterling, Glendale Arizona
Cardiac Patient

"The Simplified Handbook for Living with Heart Disease is an excellent personal insight to the process of learning to live with heart disease and tools to change your lifestyle to live to your life’s full expectancy."

Mark Bank, MS, CES
Manager, Banner Boswell Center Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

"I feel the chapter on depression and stress is a very honest documentation of how this disease affected Warren. It can affect every person differently. The important fact to remember is that depression and stress are sometimes unavoidable and must be acknowledged and treated for the healing process to begin."

Leanne Kedzie, RN, CLNC
Banner Boswell Hospital, Peoria, Arizona

"Well done, easy to follow for the layperson. Congrats."

Dr. Darry Johnson, Neurologist
Peoria, Arizona

"Warren shares a wealth of hard-won experience to help others understand what they are going through. As a caregiver, I especially appreciated the additional perspective of living through the trials and at times frustrations that loved ones go through when caring for a heart surgery patient. I recommend this book to those who will be going through a heart surgery, have just had heart surgery, or who are trying to figure out what their new lifestyle must be to survive for years to come. I also, and maybe more so, recommend this book to the people who, out of love, will care for a husband, wife, parent, or sibling. The advice is down to earth and realistic—it will help."

Dan Morris, Caregiver
Downers Grove, Illinois.
Dan wanted to be listed this way; he is a friend who is traveling the same path as every family caregiver group.

"Warren cuts to the essential issues in a no-nonsense manner which I approve."

John S. Wohleen, BMinE (Ret), Arizona

"The Simplified Handbook for Living with Heart Disease is an outstanding, educational resource with an emphasis on health promotion for anyone with, or at risk for, coronary artery disease. This book is written by the patient and his caregiver who speak from their experiences, with a humorous but serious, insightful, easy-to-read style."

Ellen Webb, RN, BSN, CNOR
Tucson, Arizona

"I can open The Simplified Handbook for Living with Heart Disease to any page and my attention is immediately grabbed by the message on that page, and all that follows. Fear had a tight hold of me when I learned my loved one needed a bypass. I knew I needed an understanding of what we were facing, but had no idea how to achieve that insight, until I received this remarkable book. I remain fearful, but at least I know why and what to do about it."

Lorraine M. Bell, Caregiver and RN
Sun City, Arizona

"Engaging, sarcastic (but honest), AND educational…who knew? Live long and prosper."

Krishna S. Schiller, PharmD, Clinical Pharmacist
Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, Phoenix, Arizona

"Having had a heart attack nearly ten years ago, I truly enjoyed this book! It would be a welcome reading on what to expect following heart problems. So much is unfamiliar to the new "zipper world.""

Betty Budler
Sun City, Arizona

The Simplified Handbook for
Living with Heart Disease
and Other Chronic Diseases

This comprehensive, doctor reviewed and approved book explains heart disease from a patientís perspective. Without complicated medical mumbo-jumbo, this blunt and hilarious book is a total lifesaver.