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Immediate Release: Aug. 3, 2010
Contact:  John Weaver,

Literary Excellence Award Press Release

Wilmington, North Carolina: John Weaver, CEO of announced the winners of the 2010 Literary Excellence awards. Weaver, in announcing the awards, stated one book, The Simplified Handbook for Living With Heart Disease and Other Chronic Diseases by Warren and Donna Selkow, deserved special mention. The book received two Literary Excellence awards.

Books and Authors AwardThe book was judged best in the specific genre of Non-fiction Health. Weaver stated, “To have one book stand out in this category given the large number of books published in this category is quite an accomplishment. It is even more remarkable in a field dominated by medical and health professionals for a book written by every day people get such acclaim. Our panel of judges made special mention of the fact this book might be the most important book ever written on the subject of heart disease and it is certainly the most unique approach ever taken on such a serious topic. This book is absolutely required reading for all those suffering from heart disease and all those caring for those sufferers.”

The more important award for Literary Excellence goes to the Authors of this book, Warren Selkow, Patient, and Donna Selkow, Caregiver. “We have named them Authors of the Year”, Weaver continued. “The authors accomplished, what the judges determined as most important, three key elements. The book is written from the perspective of a patient and a caregiver and provides a complete guide to living with heart disease from first diagnosis, through open-heart surgery and then for the long haul, not just for the first year or two, but forever.”

“The book is written in an easy to understand manner and has all the medical mysticism removed. Recognizing that sometimes the medical terms must be used, the authors added a glossary to give precise definitions for those terms as well as an index. It is obvious the authors went to great pains to research the book to ensure no misstatement of fact. To that end they solicited and received help from about twenty doctors and health care professionals in all areas of associated care. The very impressive list of vetters of the book is listed right at the front of the book and leaves no doubt as to its medical accuracy."

“Lastly, the authors addressed a need that is going unaddressed, namely a no-holds barred, hands on approach to heart wellness. It is estimated that 100 million people in the United States alone either currently have or will have serious cardiac disease in the next few years. The book could not be more timely or timeless. The book does not emphasize the technology of the disease but the living with the disease. The technology may change, but the Handbook advice will not. The authors found a way to educate a reader and at the same time, keep the education painless and fun. It is a fast read for so much information.”

The Simplified Handbook for Living With Heart Disease and Other Chronic Diseases is available through Amazon, at your bookseller by request (the book is available through normal channels) and through the authors not for profit web site: (see the sidebar on the right of this page).



Immediate Release: Dec. 8, 2009
Contact:  Marli Wendel, Cardiac Solutions
623.876.8816 ext. 256
Cell: 623.262.7273 or

A Unique Book on Heart Health from a Patient's Point of View Now Available on Amazon

Peoria, Ariz., If you want to know about heart disease and recovery- ask a heart patient. Warren Selkow worked for two years to write the sort of handbook he wished he'd had when he had his first heart attack.

The result is The Simplified Handbook for Living with Heart Disease. Selkow is a cardiac patient of Dr. Joseph Caplan of Cardiac Solutions. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and this book takes a look a t it from the perspective of the person suffering with the disease as well as from his caretaker's view. Selkow's personal story begins with the onset symptoms to surgeries, coping with the side effects, and the life changing effects of living with heart disease.

Selkow came to Cardiac Solutions two years ago as a new patient. He relates his experience of going through the processes of recovering from open heart surgery through his experience of the unique clinical approach to chronic disease management at the Wellness Clinics at Cardiac Solutions. After time and a plethora of questions to understand clinically of what was happening to his heart and body and why certain treatments were given to him, Selkow wrote, "Confessions of a Foodaholic."  This 15 page manuscript went through many versions, additions and editing, and eventually this book, The Simplified Handbook for Living with Heart Disease was published.

"Selkow has meticulously researched the book and wrote a definitive book on literally everything a heart disease patient needs to know," writes Dr. Caplan in his forward in the book. "He wrote about eight years of experiences with heart disease, starting with his very first heart attack. Selkow applied his considerable skill to analyze and detail what he did wrong to facilitate that first heart attack and what the impacts of the mistakes were. Mostly, he pointed out where the real accountability lies for the disease. He knew from experience that heart disease in not lived alone, and turned to his wife, his caregiver for help from her point of view as a caregiver. He also provided attribution in the form of footnotes and tells you where he received his information and separates opinion from fact."

After reading the first manuscript, Dr. Caplan asked Selkow if he could expand the material so he could use it in his office for the Heart Disease Clinic. He then asked Selkow why he wrote this all down and Selkow responded, "If I had only known all that stuff at the outset of my illness I would have  avoided much aggravation and grief. ...I think this book could help others understand, prepare them, and make life a little easier." The Simplified Handbook for Living with Heart Disease will give the reader information on various medications, how to live with the disease for a lifetime and not just for the first year or two, and provides the perspective of a full-time caregiver.

This book can be found on Amazon and through the link on the right of this page. Any questions please contact Marli Wendel at 623.262.7273 or mwendel(at) and she can schedule interviews with the author, Warren Selkow and Dr. Caplan from Cardiac Solutions.


The Simplified Handbook for
Living with Heart Disease
and Other Chronic Diseases

This comprehensive, doctor reviewed and approved book explains heart disease from a patientís perspective. Without complicated medical mumbo-jumbo, this blunt and hilarious book is a total lifesaver.