What You Will Learn On This Web Site

By Warren Selkow, Patient

From experience I have learned, unfortunately the hard way, nobody offers any advice on exactly how to live with heart disease. You would think that with the number of people suffering from some form of cardiac disease there would all kinds of places to learn about living with heart disease. You, like I was, would be incorrect.

Take this problem one step further and try to find information specifically aimed at those who find themselves suddenly caring for a loved one with heart disease and you find the number of places shrinks to this number: 0. What you can find, and in literally millions and millions of places, is information about causes of heart disease. That is not now nor will it be our principal focus.

However, we will take on the subject of causation to clarify what you really need to know without reading all the tons of material prepared by doctors, most of which confuses the living day lights out of most of us. It seems doctors write for other doctors as if to say to their peers, "See how smart I am!" I have talked to the children of doctors and they all tell me they have to tell their kids the following: "Hey, this is me. Tell me in English". I have cousins that are doctors and I have to say the same thing to them. Of course they then treat me like I am a moron. I am not a moron. I don’t smoke.

You may not be an old geezer but heart disease will make you feel like one. Oh, and that age now starts at about 50.

There is a paucity of places to learn about how to live with the disease. This site intends to correct this glaring deficit.

A significant number of cardiologists and internists, the two specialists most charged with caring for a heart patient, state the hardest part of treatment is not the medicine, it is the education required to properly inform a cardiac patient of exactly what to do to be well.

Here is what you will learn about:

Here is what else you will also be able to learn about:

Here is what you will not learn:

  • How to diagnose heart disease (that is for a doctor to do)
  • How to take your blood pressure
  • How to take you temperature
  • How to play basketball
  • And a whole bunch of other stuff that has nothing to do with what you need to know in order to lead a healthy life with cardiac disease and other chronic diseases.

We are not doctors so we will not write specifically about the medical issues. To compensate for our inability to write about the specifics, we have enlisted the help of expert doctors and other health care professionals whose business it is to treat heart patients. We made sure to get help from a wide variety of specialties that include all of whom I know:

  • Cardiologists
  • Cardiology Professors
  • Heart Surgeons
  • Primary Care Providers
  • Internists
  • Pulmonologists
  • Psychologists and analysts.
  • Physical Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Nephrologists
  • And any professional that can help us turn the spotlight on the real issues of the day-to-day living with heart disease.

Caregivers will find all the information they need to care for and look out for their loved ones. Caregivers require some special attention and some special help. You will find information for caregivers here.

It also did not pass our notice that many suffer from more than one chronic disease including diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and renal failure. To them please know this: we've got you covered. The treatment for these diseases is identical to the treatment for heart disease. If you read this you will be in good shape.

In the near future we will delve into social media. When that happens, we encourage you to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Twitter. The blog will feature regular pieces written by the professionals. Twitter will provide daily tips, some serious, some funny (we hope), sometimes some recipes, sometimes links to other sites to provide information and who knows what else will strike our fancy as appropriate.

You will also find links to others that offer specific help. For instance, Dr. Mark Nelson offers some very unique help to combat obesity. We make this promise: we will offer no link or advice that could be contrary to providing anything other than best practice to live with your chronic disease. Nor will we offer anything we have not extensively researched.

Further, we will write our own material based on experience. Where we are stating things beyond our experience we will site our sources. Everything will be bylined so you will know exactly who wrote what. There will be no anonymous references. Anecdotal inference is not appropriate. Also, no sob stories. My experience in reviewing other sites allegedly devoted to the subject carry many, "My story" type pieces. To this I say, "Who cares?" We have all suffered. We are all not well. The real issue is this: "What am I to do now?" You will find that right here.

The question that may be crossing your mind right now is: "What makes me an expert?" Good question. And if it hasn't crossed your mind then it should have. Here is the answer:

In short, been there, done that and I am still standing. If you are reading this, you are too. If this is all new to you, just like it was for me nine plus years ago, you have come to the right place to get the information you need in order to both survive and flourish.

Along the way you will notice I don't take myself very seriously. The subject is very serious and we will treat that with all due deference. Who am I kidding? If you read the book you know I don't treat anything with all due deference. If you can't have a little fun with it all on your way to the end, don't take the journey. It all comes down to life style choices. And those choices have to have a few giggles in them.

Welcome. Come back often. We will make every effort to keep the information current and fresh.

Also, if you have a question not that does not require a medical diagnosis, please feel free to write me at info(at)simplehand.org. I can't promise I will immediately respond, after all, I am a one-man band. Well, actually, all I have is a kazoo.

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