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Warning! If you are suffering from any of the symptoms of a heart attack on this list, do not delay, GET TO AN EMERGENCY ROOM, IMMEDIATELY. CALL 911! Here are the symptoms:

Chest pain is a major symptom of heart attack. However, some people may have little or no chest pain, especially the elderly and those with diabetes. This is called a silent heart attack.

The pain may be felt in only one part of the body or move from your chest to your arms, shoulder, neck, teeth, jaw, belly area, or back.

The pain can be severe or mild. It can feel like:

  • Squeezing or heavy pressure
  • A tight band around the chest
  • Something heavy sitting on your chest
  • Bad indigestion

Pain usually lasts longer than twenty minutes. Rest and a medicine called nitroglycerine do not completely relieve the pain of a heart attack.

Other symptoms of a heart attack include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Cough
  • Fainting
  • Lightheadedness—dizziness
  • Palpitations (feeling like your heart is beating too fast)
  • Sweating, which may be extreme

Living With Heart Disease

Have you been diagnosed with any form of heart disease? Are you finding it difficult to get practical information about living with coronary disease? Are you faced with the challenge of looking after a friend or family member with heart disease? If so, this is the place for you. Simple Hand's™ web page is dedicated to one thing: furnishing practical information about how to live with the disease.

We are not doctors or medical professionals. We are living successfully with serious heart disease and we are being successful because we follow the very advice we offer on this site. We will address only those issues that are in the mainstream of proven treatment. We will not give any medical advice. For specific medical advice related to your coronary disease, see your doctor.

Vision Statement

Simple Hand™ will be a premier provider of education, information and support for caregivers and patients suffering from coronary artery disease and other chronic diseases.

Mission Statement

The mission of Simple Hand™ is threefold:

  1. Create and maintain a public forum on the world wide web to share information
  2. Write and publish books about living with chronic illnesses from the patients and caregivers perspectives
  3. Generate enough money from the sale of those books and other products and services as deemed appropriate to support the public forum.


  1. The first goal of Simple Hand™ is to be recognized as a thought leader in providing information, education and support for our chosen audience.
  2. The second goal is to establish relationships with those organizations that are recognized as key players in the health care market place.
  3. The third goal is to elicit and achieve support and backing from large health care providers, major drug and pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and individual medical practices.
  4. To elicit support from those who either care for or are suffering from those chronic diseases.

Board of Directors

  • Warren Selkow
  • Kirk Fischer
  • Dr. Joseph Caplan

The Simplified Handbook for
Living with Heart Disease
and Other Chronic Diseases

This comprehensive, doctor reviewed and approved book explains heart disease from a patientís perspective. Without complicated medical mumbo-jumbo, this blunt and hilarious book is a total lifesaver.